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The Lego Movie Review

Despite twenty years of technical progress and the influx of competitors it spawned, Toy Story remains, to most film lovers, the finest and most visually innovative children’s film of all time. So, for directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to borrow freely from such an ageless and beloved classic, yet ensure The Lego Movie remains universally appealing is a testament to the way this existing material is handled. It may not be wholly original, but nor is it derivative and this rip-roaring homage is imbued with enough freshness of its own to offer an experience like no other. This is Toy Story for a new generation; a cinematic event expertly crafted to attract and inspire film lovers new and old. Continue reading The Lego Movie Review

The Campaign Review

The Campaign Screeshot

American Politics: Uncut

Jay Roach’s latest comedy is billed as a hilarious satire of American politics, but is in reality another lazy product of contemporary Hollywood. With their leading comedy stars, Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis, at the helm of a wafer-thin narrative, The Campaign is more concerned with being a saleable commodity that takes audiences’ money rather than entertaining them.

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The Oscars: An Evening of Awards and Comedy

Seth MacFarlane Oscars Screenshot

Oscars Guy: A critical look at Seth Macfarlane as the choice to host the 85th Academy Awards.

Recently Oscars host Seth MacFarlane took to the stage alongside Hollywood starlet Emma Stone to reveal the nominations for the fast-approaching 85th Academy Awards. MacFarlane is the first host of the prestigious ceremony to also reveal the nominees since Charlton Heston in 1972. Using the opportunity as a dry run for ceremony night the comedy writer abandoned the traditionally serious approach of merely reading from a list and instead opted for announcing the nominations with a sense of humour. While no one is discouraging a refreshing approach, many commentators were left dismayed by his attitude, annoyed by the “personal attacks” within his material and debating whether he would be a good Oscars host at all.

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Stranger Than Fiction Review

“Harold Crick was a man of infinite numbers, endless calculations, and remarkably few words”.

Rudyard Kipling believed that “words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” and it’s this thought-provoking sentiment that’s at the heart of Stranger Than Fiction. Zach Helm’s screenplay is unique and intelligent, boasting many mind-blowing similarities to Charlie Kaufman and Christopher Nolan. The most remarkable aspect of Helm’s narrative is that he treats the outlandish fantasy concept with such realism that it becomes easily accepted, allowing the central romance to take control. Continue reading Stranger Than Fiction Review