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Taken 2 Review

Taken 2 Screenshot

Once Upon a Time in “Istanbul”

Unlike other senior action headliners returning to the genre in an attempt to cash-in on their popularity and reputation, Liam Neeson made his debut in mainstream action cinema late on in his acting career. Pierre Morel’s 2008-hit Taken was the spark that ignited the, then fifty-six year old, actor’s remarkable rejuvenation that saw him subsequently star in at least eight action flicks. Four years since the original, Neeson returns to his role as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills for a predictable sequel, but in this case under the direction of the underwhelming, but brilliantly named Olivier Megaton.

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The Grey Review

Get out of the woods!

Playing on the fear of the unknown is a technique commonly used in film and when paired with audience subjectivity it creates suspense that has been the success of some of cinema’s finest; Alien (1979), Jaws (1975) and more recently Gareth Edwards stunning debut Monsters (2010).

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Unknown Review

With Schindler’s List as your career highlight; living up to the expectation is always a tough task.

Liam Neeson’s impressive performance as Oscar Schindler was well worthy of a nomination for an Academy Award. But, as he steps away from dramatic acting and towards the action genre his performances over the past years have shown little in comparison to his greatest film. While his acting may have suffered, action films such as Taken prove that the fifty-nine year old “Neck-chop” Neeson can still pack a punch.

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