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Seven Psychopaths Review

Seven Psychopaths Screenshot

It’s a film about seven psychopaths, what more do you need?

Martin McDonagh rose to fame when his stunning short Six Shooter won an Oscar in 2005, but his true breakthrough came three years later with his triumphantly foul-mouthed feature debut In Bruges. The Irish filmmaker’s Tarantino-esque style that blends sharp writing, hyper-violence and killer dialogue was the success behind these previous projects. His latest film, a crime-comedy caper that boasts an ensemble cast, is sure to draw more comparisons to the cult director and cements his position among the most exciting emerging filmmakers.

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The Forgotten Roles of Sam Rockwell

Even the most notable actors have roles that are often forgotten and overshadowed by their career defining performances. The acting ability of these actors, particularly in the earlier stages of their careers, has shone through from supporting roles – Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, Robert Downey Jr in A Scanner Darkly and Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. With Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths approaching with the fantastic actor in a supporting role I take a look at some of his most refined, but lesser known performances. Continue reading The Forgotten Roles of Sam Rockwell