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To Rome With Love Review

To Rome With Love Screenshot

With Love, but without feeling.

After a surprising resurgence in 2011 with the triumphant Midnight in Paris, renowned romantic comedy director Woody Allen returns to cinemas with another venture in Europe. The once great director’s unique filmmaking approach typically balances wit and satire with an indulgent personal sentiment, often in the form of a love letter to a city.

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The Campaign Review

The Campaign Screeshot

American Politics: Uncut

Jay Roach’s latest comedy is billed as a hilarious satire of American politics, but is in reality another lazy product of contemporary Hollywood. With their leading comedy stars, Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis, at the helm of a wafer-thin narrative, The Campaign is more concerned with being a saleable commodity that takes audiences’ money rather than entertaining them.

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