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Gangster Squad Review

gangster squad screenshot

Ocean’s Untouchables

After beginning his career with two polarizing comedies, the entertaining Zombieland and shameful 30 Minutes or Less, American director Ruben Fleischer departs from familiar ground and delves into the underground mob scene for his third feature. However, in tackling the crime genre the emerging filmmaker shows his naivety and inexperience with a derivative crowd-pleaser that is so focussed on borrowing ideas from previous classics that it fails to establish its own identity.

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Warrior Review

The fitting filmic translation that MMA deserves.

MMA, or mixed martial arts, is still regarded as an emerging sport, but due to increasing popularity it is unsurprising that there has been an influx of films centred on the sport. With its rich history in film boxing has provided the bases of some of the industry’s finest films; Raging Bull (1980), Rocky (1976) and Ali (2001). Contemporary MMA films, such asNever Back Down (2008) and Fighting (2009), tend to borrow from these famous releases, but fail in comparison to previous films due to clichéd and unengaging narratives. Warrior, released theatrically towards the end of 2011, provides a revival and clean slate for the MMA format by capturing the attributes of the sport with its frighteningly tense fight scenes and deeply emotive narrative.

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