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The Wolf of Wall Street Review

With a bright colour palette, brazen extravagance and lively soundtrack you’d be forgiven for expecting one of the most un-Scorsese-like films yet. While it’s certainly one of his most daring inventions, beneath the surface lays the familiar crime epic the great director made his name with. Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street Review

Inception Review

Incepton Screenshot

Here’s an idea…

Having earned them a colossal amount of money with The Dark Knight, Warner Bros rewarded Christopher Nolan with the finances to create an entirely original film.

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Django Unchained Review

Django Unchained Screenshot

“You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.”

Quentin Tarantino follows the success of Inglorious Basterds with another outlandish historical revision, but instead of targeting the Second World War subgenre, the acclaimed director sets his sights on western mythology for his reimagining of the legendary Django. Amplifying the spaghetti western undertones that lingered throughout Inglorious Basterds, and free from the shackles of the original narrative, Tarantino delivers a powerfully wild, provocative and imaginative revisionist western.

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