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Dredd Review

Prepare for judgement.

Eighteen certifications are becoming increasingly rare in mainstream cinema, with many production companies encouraging directors to sacrifice their original intentions in order to conform to the lesser ratings to draw in a wider audience and ultimately more profit. On a few occasions this year the business side of the film industry has reared its ugly head with some films toning down their content, omitting scenes and in extreme cases even renaming the film itself – John Carter of Mars became John Carter and The Avengers became Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – all in the name of money-making. Continue reading Dredd Review

Priest Review

Same shit, different day.

In 2009 director Scott Charles Stewart and actor Paul Bettany paired up to provide the terribly disappointing Legion. Two years on the and the two have united again to create an adaptation of Korean comic book series Priest.

Continue reading Priest Review