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Philomena Review

Philomena screenshot

Saints and Sinners

Stephen Frears’ Philomena recounts the true story of a devout Catholic woman, Philomena Lee, who was sent to a convent when she became pregnant as an unwed teenager. During her imprisonment she and many other girls were subjected to abuse, but nothing was more traumatising than the nun’s exploitative side business of selling their babies to rich Americans. Fifty years later, a now elderly Philomena contacts a disgraced journalist Martin Sixsmith to embark on a search for the son who was stolen from her at birth.

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Skyfall Review

“Everybody needs a hobby.” “What’s yours?” “Resurrection.”

Rebooting something that carries the legendary status of the Bond franchise was always going to be a tough task, and Sam Mendes must be rewarded for his bravery in attempting such a feat. His approach is focussed on bridging the gap between the old and new aspects of Bond, bringing them together while also establishing a new direction for the franchise. Unfortunately his Bond debut and the twenty-third instalment is problematic from the off.

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