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Sky Atlantic Documentary Films: Season 2

Following its successful debut, Sky’s celebrated Documentary Films, which launched in November, returns with four more documentaries from award-winning filmmakers for a second season. For No Good Reason, The Unknown Known, Blood Brother and Small Town Big Story (aka Jesus Town, USA) each received their UK premieres on Sky Atlantic this June. Here’s a breakdown of what you missed: Continue reading Sky Atlantic Documentary Films: Season 2


Edward Scissorhands Review


Burton’s fairy tale is undoubtedly his best, but that’s not saying much.

From their shrill voices as they gossip and bitch to their conceited lifestyle of designer clothes, hairdos and commodities, Burton’s presentation of a suburban community is truly horrid. Each brightly coloured McMansion within his model village is a replica of the last, highlighting the one thing this society lacks – imagination. This is the foundation for his central theme; the director deconstructs commodification and exposes the falsity of the American dream. Continue reading Edward Scissorhands Review