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Gravity Review

gravity screenshot

A new star child is born

Science fiction films, like any form of mainstream storytelling, typically hinge on humanity’s struggle against an antagonist, whether it’s an alien species, self conscious technology or earthbound asteroid. Powered by his ambition to deliver the most lifelike presentation of what it’s like begin in space, Alfonso Cuarón substitutes a tangible antagonist for a minimalist focus on the isolation, emptiness and natural dangers that occur within such an inhabitable space. It’s immediately clear that Cuarón’s daring enterprise is a rare breed, but this is only one of the elements that sets Gravity apart from the vast majority of others.

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The Descendants Review

Alexander Payne’s stellar return to filmmaking

Despite returning from an eight year absence Alexander Payne continues in his rich vein of form when it comes to adapting novels. For this touching family drama he revisits the same elements that brought acclaim to previous films About Schmidt (2002) and Sideways (2004). Continue reading The Descendants Review