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Antiviral Review

Antiviral Screenshot

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Armed with a body horror fixation that he inherited from his father and following in his filmmaking footsteps, Brandon Cronenberg sets out to make a similar mark on the film industry with his self-written feature-length debut Antiviral.

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Black Pond Review

The Thompsons…

Making their directorial debuts friends Tom Kingsley and Will Sharpe have crafted a sensational dark comedy on the smallest of budgets. The result of their dedicated frugality is an eighty-minute feature that never once shows the restrictions of its meagre £25,000 production costs.

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Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes) Review

It’s not the bed bugs you should be wary of.

The creative minds behind the harrowing and brilliantly executed REC franchise return with another addition to the horror genre. Spanish filmmakers, Jaume Balagueró (without REC co-director Paco Plaza) and Alberto Marini (who worked as producer on REC), reunite as director and writer respectively in creating this deeply unsettling tale that, unlike REC, carries darkly comic undertones.

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