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American Hustle Review

It’s the same every year. Early in January, with awards season looming, Hollywood’s leading Oscar contenders arrive on British shores fresh from their domestic success, galvanised by their extensive awards promotion to draw yet more financial gain. This year’s big three, The Wolf of Wall Street, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle, were deliberately released across the UK in the space of a fortnight to draw a large audience. While the awards season marketing campaign ensured that each of these American films hustled their way to the top of the UK box-office charts it also gave them immense expectations; expectations that David O. Russell’s follow up to his thoroughly rewarding Silver Linings Playbook fails to live up to. Continue reading American Hustle Review


Charles Gant on Hollywood, marketing and contemporary journalism

In contemporary Hollywood cinema the boundaries between a film as an art form or a business are becoming increasingly blurred. Year upon year tremendous amounts of money are being expended to create blockbusters that often fail to impress critics, but boast public appeal and large financial return. Continue reading Charles Gant on Hollywood, marketing and contemporary journalism