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A Field in England Review

A Field in England screenshot

Substance abuse

Ben Wheatley, the darling of low-budget British cinema, unleashes an ambitious surrealist arthouse project A Field in England. Constructed from the idea of an “assault on the audience” Wheatley sought to create a film that captures the experience of hallucinogenic drugs, but with its ambiguous imagery and convoluted narrative this pretentious trip leads the audience on a futile quest for meaning and entertainment.

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The ABC’s of Death Review

A is for Atrocious, B is for Brainless, C is for Callous.

Conceived and produced by Ant Timpson and Tim League, The ABC’s of Death is an anthology horror film segmented into twenty-six individual chapters. These sections host a short film with each one created from the minds of twenty-six different directors and spanning fifteen different countries as the creators hope to assemble wide ranging interpretations of the theme of death. Continue reading The ABC’s of Death Review