Trance Review

After his triumphant ode to British culture with the Olympics opening ceremony, Danny Boyle returns to cinemas with an equally eye-catching and extravagant psychological thriller Trance.trance screen

Sadly, the inviting reality vs fantasy concept that sets this daring enterprise apart from its generic counterparts is mishandled and without any solid grounding its wildly meandering plot is too convoluted and chaotic to make any significant impact.

As a visual feast however, it is truly something to behold. From the creative lighting and vibrant colour combinations to the inventive manipulation of shadows and reflections, Trance is brimming with some exceptional Anthony Dod Mantle cinematography. Yet, for all of its visual excellence this flashy techno thriller never achieves the intelligent complexity it strives for nor overcome its inability to weave the many strands of its multi-layered narrative to a convincing whole.


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