Red Dawn Review


Low standards won’t be enough to help you here

While I don’t recognise a direct correlation between the violence presented on cinema screens and the horrors a disturbed and spiteful person might wreak in public, it’s tasteless films like Red Dawn – with its senseless glorification of teenage gun violence – that give ammunition to those wanting to make that connection.

Even if you can stomach the questionable morals at the rotten core of Dan Bradley’s debut film, you won’t be rewarded with an entertaining experience. The cast – a mismatch of young Hollywood talent – never once get close to convincing, but they didn’t stand a chance working from a wasteful script that didn’t need to be written in the first place. Bradley’s irrelevant remake of the eighties original, which was barely good itself, is nearly as offensive as it is dreadfully made, even if the explosions are big, brash and booming; and that’s really all some of moviegoers seem to care about these days.


3 thoughts on “Red Dawn Review”

  1. Agreed, I saw the first one and say “why?” I also don’t think that had a good box office. So what would make them think trying again was a good idea??? I wonder what producers are thinking when they remake a bad movie??? Maybe, they think, those people are dead or forgot??? Well, I’m sorry to say 20 years ago isn’t usually enough to make the assumption of death.

    1. You’re right, the remake of Red Dawn only grossed approx. $48m within domestic US. I can’t imagine it would’ve taken much from foreign audiences, I can’t seem to find them. That’s about a $20m loss, eventually Hollywood will learn that they have to make good films to make money.

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