Pandorum Review

“You’re all that’s left of us. Good luck, God bless, and God’s speed.”

Pandorum borrows everything from the science fiction classics, Alien and Event Horizon the clear inspirations, and though it fails to match up to its legendary predecessors, it’s an impressive addition to the prolific genre.

The narrative begins at a blistering pace; an open invitation for audiences to become involved. The early scenes benefit from brilliantly simple horror techniques. The intimacy of the dark, tightly framed scenes amplifies the intensity as the newly awakened crew explore their malfunctioning spacecraft.

Unfortunately the director is all too quick to reveal the mysteries and before long the narrative plummets into bloated, cliché-heavy predictability. It’s by no means an original piece of science fiction, but its energetic, ballsy and rounded off with a breathtaking conclusion – just deserts for those who sat through the lethargic second act.

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