Pixelate Film Festival returns to Falmouth


NEXT WEEK it could be easy to mistake Falmouth for Cannes, Berlin or Venice as the town sets up for University College Falmouth’s annual Pixelate Film Festival. Created solely by third year students, soon to be graduating from the BA Film course, the festival is a celebration of the recently completed work produced during their studies.

The event’s Festival Director Kate Linnell, who assembled the team to create the event, explains “Pixelate is a film festival which celebrates the work of the graduating students from the BA Film degree course at University College Falmouth”, she adds “this year, great efforts have been made to incorporate all disciplines of the course in showcasing the work at The Poly, in Falmouth. Also, I hope that the people of Falmouth will be engaged by the special events, screenings and additional activities available”.

While screenings of the student made short films provide the main attraction of the festival, there will be other events and work on display throughout Pixelate. “There will be exhibitions and installations at The Poly and Pop-up Cafe, supplied by Loading, which cover all aspects of the Film course. These will include exhibitions of Film Journalism, Experimental Films, Screenwriting and Film Make-up to name a few. Further to this, students from Illustration, Textiles and Digital Animation courses have collaborated in the organisation of the festival to produce a truly diverse exhibition”.

The students have spent the best part of eight months writing, funding and creating their films as well as balancing the high demands of the other work on the course. Their films, and other work on display, encapsulate the time and determination they put into their projects. Each ten-minute film has been submitted to Kate and from what she has seen “there will be a range of different film genres being shown, so there is something for everyone. Each of the film’s can be voted for and rewarded in an Awards Ceremony on the final night. Only third year student’s films will be eligible to win the Overall Festival Prize as their work reflects a culmination of three years spent honing their craft”. She continues, “Film@Falmouth’s tagline is Passion, Originality and Choice – the films being shown embody this sentiment”.

University College Falmouth’s Film degree boasts strong connections to industry professionals, who regularly provide guest lectures at Tremough Campus. In organising the event Kate contacted many of these professionals and has arranged special guest speakers for the duration of Pixelate. The festival will change the focus each night on the different disciplines offered by the course and, in addition, a related professional will be the host. As Kate suggests “actor writer Peter Cadwell on Screenwriting night, Guardian columnist and chief film reviews editor for Heat Charles Gant on Journalism night and filmmaker Daryl Walker on Experimental night”. In addition to these speakers there will also be “daytime question and answer sessions in the Pixelate Bar, which include James Henry, Little White Lies and Mike Daye”.

These industry professionals will provide great insight into the industry and their personal experiences, but also putting the work that is being displayed into context as they describe how a film is made, written and reviewed.

In order “to engage the wider community and make the event more than just for students” the festival will also include two screenings of critically acclaimed film, Submarine, as well as contemporary family favourite, Up. “On Wednesday 20th there will be a special screening of Submarine, which the film-loving public may not have seen otherwise. This event will be hosted by one of the film’s producers and Warp Senior Producer, Mary Burke”.

If that’s still not enough there will also be “a series of catch-up events where patrons can see the student films, they may have missed, at different venues around Falmouth, including Toast, Dolly’s Tea Room, Hand Beer Bar and Loading”. Some of these venues and a selection of others will be hosting “after show parties where Pixelate ticket holders can get discounted drinks – Toast, Mama Africa and Hands Beer Bar”.

As well as displaying the work of students on the film course, the festival itself showcases the effort and result of Kate’s events management portfolio, “the process of organising the Pixelate Film began in January 2012 and my first task was to assemble a team to help me arrange it. Since then, systems have been put into place to complete administrative tasks and arrange for venues and guest speakers. The process has been very demanding, particularly as I have been in my last year of the BA Film course and the work load has been immense. However, it’s been a great experience and I look forward to the event finally arriving”.

The event takes place from Wednesday, June 20th to Saturday, June 23rd at Falmouth’s The Poly, and surrounding venues. Tickets range from £5 and further information can be found online at www.pixelatefilmfestival.co.uk or by contacting kate@pixelatefilmfestival.co.uk.

Originally written for and published by West Briton


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