Fink Review

A shameless cash-in on Sam Worthington’s fame…

Australian filmmaker Tim Boyle writes, produces and directs this action film which is clearly inspired by Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. To say “inspired by” however is perhaps wrong; this film is almost a duplicate of the British film. What is clearly an attempt at a pastiche is unfortunately nothing more than an embarrassing parody that fails to engage from the off.

As with the former, Fink’s narrative centres on a protagonist being indebted to a gang lord after a game of poker. However, unlike Lock Stock this film provides little in terms of character developments. The roles are unconvincing and amateurishly performed. The blame for this however shouldn’t directly fall on the actors, who do not get any help from the script’s consistently cheesy and on the nose dialogue which is better suited to a television soap.

Although he only plays a minor role, the name and face on the DVDs cover is Avatar and Clash of the Titans star Sam Worthington. His performance, like the rest of the cast, is clearly lacking, but every once in a while he delivers a line with a dead pan attitude reminiscent of Sam Jackson’s Jules Winnfield. Unfortunately, these momentary high points are not enough to rescue this disastrous film.

According to the distributor’s notes “revenge is his profession”; luckily mine isn’t because I’m begging for those 102 minutes back.

Originally written for Rushes


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