Cemetery Junction Review

Out of the office, with a few extras.

Cemetery Junction is a conventional coming of age story about three friends who spend their time joking, fighting and chasing girls in 1970s Reading.  Door to door salesman Freddie aspires to leave this working class world, but his two friends and old school sweetheart are happy with life the way it is.

The dynamic duo of Gervais and Merchant, famed for their small screen series, has produced a comedy drama that with their influence should have made a stock-storyline interesting.  However, all they have seemed to do is exhumed the archetypal characters familiar to us all, which is sure to leave fans of The Office and Extras disappointed.  The film is very self-indulgent as displayed by Gervais’s on screen appearance, which lasts for far too long.  Most of the jokes in the films are copied and pasted from Gervais’s stand up material.  The comedy is adequately executed, from immature fart gags to an Elton John joke which was the only good bit in the film.  But having found their joke hilarious the writers obviously thought it would be appropriate to have another dig at Mr. John, which ruined the effect and made it cheap.

What’s worse than hearing the same joke over and over?  Well maybe every character in the film repeating not only the same jokes, but also the same lines.  The film quickly descends from what looks like quite an interesting take on the universal story of growing up in a small town to a corpse of a film filled with lacklustre acting and poor cinematography.

There is a very fine line between something being used artistically and so often that it becomes annoying.  The film presents such a ludicrous amount of focus pulling that this viewer was left feeling that a trip to the optician’s was in order.

I don’t really know what it is about the short, fat bloke in films, but I really take a shine to them; be it Clark Duke (Kick-Ass, Sex Drive) or in this film’s case Jack Doolan (as Snork).  Do I find them to be funny or are they just a mere, podgy reflection of myself…

Overall, this film isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good.  Not only is the film artistically challenged, but this is paired with a dead boring narrative, which is heavily reliant on the comedy that doesn’t always work well enough to leave the audience in stitches.  Cemetery Junction gets a 4/10.

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