The A-Team Review

I love it when a plan (almost) comes together.

Known widely for his somewhat underrated Smokin’ Aces (2006) director Joe Carnahan was undoubtedly chosen for his unorthodox film making style. Carnahan’s plan was clear; to upgrade and reinvigorate the cult eighties television series. The first part of this plan was to assemble a team of actors.

Firmly established as an action hero Neeson certainly had fun playing the role and clearly got as much pleasure from repeating the famous lines as the audience do hearing them. Unlike the original leader of the team Neeson’s Colonel “Hannibal” Smith has a European accent.

Not known for his acting Mr T was still able to reach high status for his performance as B.A Baracus. In the 2010 remake the role of B.A was ably performed, but credit needs to be given to the rather unfamiliar Quinton Jackson as these are the hardest and definitely the biggest boots to fill.

Bradley Cooper was FACEd with the tough task of redeeming himself after being disappointing in the mediocre The Hangover (2009). Happily he achieved this and provided more with his portrayal of Lt. “Faceman” Peck.

Copley takes Murdock’s ‘howling mad’ reputation so much further than the original series did and reinforces the idea that this film is clearly an updated homage to the legendary series.

However, the story is where this film falls short. With far too many plot points the narrative becomes chaotic and confused. The highlight of this narrative is the post credits scene, so make sure you stick around; particularly original A-Team fans.

Unlike the original series and much more similar to Smokin’ Aces the special effects and action sequences are often over the top and unrelenting. In spite of this with choppers doing corkscrews, gigantic explosions and even a Call of Duty-esque airstrike left me wanting more and more from the effects team.

You don’t have to be a fan of the original series and although it borders on the ridiculous Carnahan’s A Team is a success and achieves 8/10.


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