The Ghost Writer Review

Do Ghost Writer’s Write in Invisible Ink?

Shrouded in controversy himself, prestigious director Roman Polanski directs an adaptation of 2007 novel, The Ghost by Robert Harris, that follows Ewan McGregor hired to ghost write the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. During the writing process he begins to uncover secrets that put his life in jeopardy.

An engaging plot is of utmost importance with political thrillers as they tend to lose the action and focus on providing a realistic story. The same can be said for this film, which is well paced, a comfortable length and interesting from the off. The action sequences arrive in the film’s last third and are crafted sensibly without going over the top. It brings no surprise that the film’s ending is a triumph.

Continuously Ewan McGregor turns out brilliant performances, and yes I am including his work as Obi Wan. Yet again he’s provided another. His nameless character, known only as ‘the ghost’, is funny, charming, witty and a bit of a philanderer. Almost a retired James Bond; talking of retired James Bond’s; Pierce Brosnon is also in this film. He plays the role of ex Prime Minister Adam Lang who is a clear representation of Tony Blair. The links between the two are endless, with references to Iraq, ‘war on terror’, the relationship with the US and even a brutally annoying wife. The character is brilliantly performed and is easily Brosnon’s best in a very long time.

Perhaps in making this film Polanski has attempted to deflect the attention on him and focus on the controversy surrounding Tony Blair. I think it’s better to take the film as a genuine political thriller that achieves 7/10.


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