The Ex Review

Hey look, it’s white Scrubs, this is bound to be good… oh

Funny man Zach Braff plays slacker Tom Reilly who is forced to work for his father-in-law after losing his job. Unfortunately for Reilly his wife’s handicapped ex boyfriend Chip Sanders (Jason Bateman) is appointed as his mentor. The Ex is EXactly as it sounds, it is EXtraordinarily poor and EXtremely disappointing.

After his success with hit television comedy Scrubs and the marvellous Garden State Zach Braff should be rated highly among comedy actors. It is not a surprise that director Jesse Peretz chose to include him in this film. Regrettably not even Braff’s wit, sarcasm and humour can revive this mess of a film. The jokes are far too cheap and at one point it is even reduced to making a joke about disabled people, where the handicapped Chip is referred to as “hot wheels”.

The only thing that is worthwhile in this film is the competition between Reilly and Chip. Both Braff and Bateman are genuinely funny and their comedic exchanges are impressive.

Filled with unrealistic plot points and character stereotypes The Ex is excruciatingly slow and drags out for what is apparently an 89 minute runtime, which felt more like 3 hours. Mediocre from the off this film was predictable throughout and even an attempt at a plot twist could be seen from a mile away.

It’s hard to imagine what this film would have been like if it hadn’t been saved by Zach Braff, although he was somewhat subpar. The Ex barely achieves 2/10.


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